Our Mission

The mission of the St. Mary School is to ensure learning for all our students within the framework of Catholic Christian values. Our aim is to help our students grow in a manner consistent with their needs, interests and abilities, preparing them to live in a changing world as self-directed, caring, God-loving, responsible citizens.

It is our responsibility to challenge our students to develop their potential in the trust-filled atmosphere of a Catholic, Christian community, whose curriculum includes instruction in the precepts of the Catholic faith and practice in the Christian call to service. The development of critical thinking skills, knowledge and reasoning are more important than the mere accumulation of facts and data.

Our Philosophy

St. Mary Catholic School is dedicated to a total education program in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

Simply stated, our school philosophy is that every facet of life is important: Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Emotional.

The faculty and staff strive to instill Christian values so that each student becomes a force of good in God's world. At the same time, the educational program leads and encourages students to develop their intellect to its full potential.