Fine Arts

At St. Mary Catholic School, we take immense pride in our vibrant Fine Arts program, which offers a world of creative opportunities for our students. From the enchanting melodies of Suzuki Violin to the harmonious notes of our band and chorus, our music programs inspire young talents to shine. Our Visual Arts classes unleash the artist within, allowing students to explore their creativity through various mediums. Through these diverse offerings, we cultivate a rich tapestry of artistic expression, nurturing not only skills but also a lifelong love for the arts.

2023 Advent Program


Suzuki Violin

St. Mary Catholic School is proud to be the pioneer in Wilmington, offering the ONLY in-school Suzuki Violin Program.

What is Suzuki Violin?

The Suzuki method is a renowned music education approach designed to nurture musical talent in young learners, just as they naturally develop language skills. 

Why Choose St. Mary's Suzuki Violin Program?

Early Start: Our program begins in kindergarten, providing the perfect opportunity for your child to embark on a musical journey from a tender age.

World-Class Instruction: Our experienced and dedicated Suzuki violin professor, Dr. Clark Spencer, is passionate about nurturing young talents and helping them grow into skilled musicians.

Holistic Development: The Suzuki method fosters discipline, concentration, and teamwork while enhancing creativity and self-expression.

General Music and Band

General Music

General Music is offered to students in K-3rd grade. Pre-band skills are acquired in 2nd and 3rd grade Music class and include recorder instruction.


Band is offered to students in 4th/5th grade and 6th/7th/8th grade. Prior experience is not required for Band students in 4th and 5th grades. Beginning in 6th grade, prior experience is required.

The Band and General Music programs are under the direction of Mr. Curtis Anderson.


The St. Mary School Chorus program is offered to students in 4th/5th grade and 6th/7th/8th grade. Vocal training, reading music and ear training are the main objectives to be taught in Chorus. The main emphasis of Chorus is to prepare musical leaders for Children's Liturgy. No previous experience is needed.

The Chorus program is under the direction of Ms. Barbara White.


St. Mary Catholic School Arts Program provides the opportunities for children to explore, touch, see, hear, discuss and share. This allows for the outpouring of the gifts God has provided for all of us. Through the arts, students are able to gain awareness and understanding of their own cultural heritage as well as the vast global community. 

The arts program seeks to open students' souls to the pure creative energy in all of life and instill confidence in the use of God given talents. When we open ourselves to all that has been offered to us, we open ourselves to God.