St. Mary Catholic School proudly celebrates a rich legacy of alumni who have graced our hallways over the span of 155 years. 

Among our notable graduates are individuals who have left an indelible mark on their respective fields, such as the esteemed poet William Bryant and the NFL football athlete Connor Barth. 

Their remarkable journeys began within the nurturing walls of St. Mary, where they not only received an exceptional education but also imbibed the values of character, perseverance, and excellence. These distinguished alumni serve as shining examples of the potential that flourishes here at St. Mary Catholic School. As we continue to cultivate future leaders and innovators, we honor and draw inspiration from the achievements of our alumni, who stand as living testaments to the enduring impact of a St. Mary education.

St. Mary School, the oldest catholic school in North Carolina, has a rich and diverse alumni base. The recent generation of graduates have gone on to religious vocations, athletic careers, served in the active military and held state political offices. 

My name is David McConnell and I am an Alumni of the class of 2009. After years of going to college as a graphic designer, I wanted to do something with more fulfillment.

Danielle Caldropol, St. Mary School Class of 2013, graduated from UNCW in December 2020 magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in math and technology. She is currently working as a teacher's assistant in Kindergarten at St. Mark's Catholic School in Wilmington. She hopes to have a full time...