Meet Mrs. O'Leary


We missed a very important birthday on August 28th! Let's all wish a very belated happy birthday to Mrs. O'Leary! 

 From Small Beginnings: Mrs. O'Leary's life story is quite the adventure! Born in a quaint town in Kentucky, she grew up in a house without indoor plumbing – imagine that! She's deeply connected to her roots and is currently tracing her genealogy to uncover her family's history in settling the area. 

Family and Home: Family is everything to Mrs. O'Leary. She and her husband Kenny have two lovely daughters, Aubrey and Haley. Both of them are proud St. Mary School graduates, and their journey at the Basilica holds a special place in their hearts. 

Culinary Magic: Speaking of Kenny, he's the culinary genius in the family. Together, they've been an integral part of St. Mary's community events, whipping up delicious meals and contributing to various festivities. Keep an eye out for Kenny in the food area – he's the one creating culinary wonders! 

Meet the Famous Yoshi: Mrs. O'Leary's 12-pound dachshund, Yoshi, is a mini-celebrity in her own right! Many students are already familiar with her adorable face, and if you happen to spot her on a smartboard, well, that's just her way of spreading joy. 

Creativity and Passions: Crafting, sewing, reading, and tackling puzzles – these are just a few of Mrs. O'Leary's hobbies that keep her spirits high. She's an avid podcast listener and prefers podcasts over TV. And let's not forget her love for Disney World – a yearly tradition that brings boundless joy. 

Looking Ahead: With her contagious enthusiasm, Mrs. O'Leary is excited for the upcoming school year. While embracing the familiar, she's eager to see St. Mary School continue to grow and evolve.

Mrs. O'Leary, your dedication to our students and community shines brighter than ever. We're lucky to have you as part of the St. Mary family! Let's all give her a warm shoutout and a virtual round of applause for being a beacon of positivity and support!