Welcome St. Mary Catholic School Alumni

St. Mary School, the oldest catholic school in North Carolina, has a rich and diverse alumni base. The recent generation of graduates have gone on to religious vocations, athletic careers, served in the active military and held state political offices. Many return to St. Mary to visit staff and their school and parish families. It is not unusual to have a returning high school senior or Eagle Scout candidate choose projects to benefit the school enabling them to return to the campus to mentor and teach the younger student

St. Mary graduates of all ages are encouraged to visit the school and celebrate the mass and Open House that initiates the annual Catholic Schools Week celebration the last weekend of January. Alumni, memories or memorabilia are welcome at anytime!

St. Mary Alumni are encouraged to stay in touch!

You can contact the school at (910) 762-5491, ext. 140

Danielle Caldropol, St. Mary School Class of 2013, graduated from UNCW in December 2020 magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in math and technology. She is currently working as a teacher's assistant in Kindergarten at St. Mark's Catholic School in Wilmington. She hopes to have a full time...