Applicants are accepted on the basis of both the student's and the family's sincere interest in St. Mary Catholic School, a willingness to support and cooperate with school philosophy, and the ability to develop and thrive in the academic and spiritual environment. As a child's primary educator, parents are required to support their child's academic efforts and be active participants in their child's moral and social development at school. Parental encouragement and involvement are vital to the child's success.

St. Mary Catholic School welcomes students of all religions and ethnic origin. In the admission process, preference is given to siblings of students presently enrolled in Kindergarten through 7th grades and members of all Catholic parishes including families from out-of-town parishes.

Applicants are invited to visit the school and to meet the principal and the other members of the staff and student body. Previous academic records are reviewed, and parents are asked to provide as much information as possible regarding their child's educational experiences, needs, and interests. In order to understand the child's educational background more clearly, the administration may contact the child's previous teachers and/or principal. Every effort is made to meet the needs of children of all learning styles and abilities. St. Mary Catholic School is limited in its resources to provide individual programs or staff for exceptional students. The principal makes final decisions for admissions.

The admissions process includes registration forms, payment of registration and book fees, and arrangement for the payment of tuition.


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