es-Hello St. Mary Catholic School


July 6, 2023

Hello St Mary Catholic School Parents, Guardians, Faculty and Staff:

This is Principal Poletti welcoming you to School Year 2023-2024, which is just around the corner. May God continue to bless us on our journey.

I am working through the transition and am thankful for the assistance of Father T, Mrs. Price, Ms. Vicky, Ms. Sandy, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Price, Ms. Lowery, and others during the process.

As you may guess, summer is the time of organizing and planning. All of that is going well. I do want to extend to you the opportunity to meet with me individually or in small groups if you sense the need. I know it is impromptu, but Monday July 10 and Tuesday July 11 would be good days for that.

If you would like to reserve 20 minutes or so on either of those days, you are welcome to contact me at Currently, I have availability after 11am on Monday and 10am on Tuesday.

Additionally, I plan to hold informal meet and greets in the school cafeteria each night (Mon and Tues) from 6:30-7:30. I will begin each meeting with a 20 minute update. The rest of the time is reserved for your input and feedback.

I look forward to working with you and the Basilica of St Mary parish to build upon our rich history of providing excellent and virtuous Christ-centered education for all of our students.

Yours in Christ,

Joseph Richard Poletti, principal
St. Mary Catholic School