August 2, 2023


August 2, 2023

Hello again, St. Mary stakeholders. Slowly but surely, the new school year energy is ticking up! Classroom furniture is stacked in the hallways. Classroom floors will be refinished starting this weekend, a scenario which is being repeated at schools across the state. It has been that way at St. Mary Catholic School since 1869. The tradition continues . . .

Faculty New to St. Mary Catholic: Last week I introduced Mrs. Gavrillen (ELA) and Ms. Kornegay (math). This week I am honored to share that Paula Smith (full-time middle school science) and Marcia Frelke (part-time 7th grade math and Math II) have joined Team St. Mary Catholic. Mrs. Smith has had two children graduate from Saint Mary. Mrs. Frelke is on her fourth St. Mary child. We are finalizing paperwork for our art teacher and conducting interviews for preK. Stay tuned . . .

In the Know: Many thanks to Charmaine Lewis, Nancy Laffey, and Sandy O'Leary for leading the Enrollment and Marketing Team. A St. Mary Catholic School newsletter will soon be delivered to your email boxes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Library Time: Parishioner Barb Hill is leading the library volunteer group. It is an experienced group answering the call to serve. Lots of library improvements have been made already; bright plans exist for the future. Literacy matters!

School Advisory Council: Our goal is to form a council that reflects our school, parish and community. I have submitted recommendations to Father T for consideration. The council will have two sub-committees: Marketing and Enrollment (already underway) and Finance.

StartGame 23-24:

  • Aug 16: New Teacher Orientation
  • Aug 17-23: Teacher Workdays
  • Aug 21-22: Student Orientations by Grade Levels
  • Aug 24-25: Half Days for Students
  • Aug 28: First Full Day of School

Choice: We thank God, in his infinite wisdom and glory, for allowing our Catholic school to support parents and guardians (the first teachers) in the spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical growth of their preK - Grade 8 children. …Alleluia! Amen.