K-3 Spanish classes will receive a strong foundation of Spanish by learning basic vocabulary, greetings, numbers, family members, animals, place to go, and much more!

We use fun activities to engage our students. Your children will learn to sing songs, play games, watch fun character videos, and even use iPads to further their learning!
This is a great start for your child and their learning for the future.In grades 4-5 we will continue our exploration of Spanish by studying sentences structure, nouns, adjectives, articles of verbs and their conjugations. We learn and memorize dialogs in different situations, such as "at the market", "in the airport" and, "at the restaurant". Fourth and fifth graders will also take part in a group research project. The project gives the students an opportunity to research Spanish speaking countries and learn their cultures and customs.
In grades 6-8 we will learn new verbs and the students will be focused on mastering verb conjunctions. We will review previous topics from years passed and study sentences structure in more depth. Our students leave here in 8th grade extremely prepared for high school Spanish!

Physical Education

St. Mary Physical Education has the privilege to work with every student in the school.

The Pre- K begin their studies by understanding spatial awareness and how to play kindly with each other.

Kindergarten through 8th grade are scheduled two full periods a week.

In the elementary grades the focus is on movement skills and the introduction to games and sports. Here they learn about loco motor movements, non- loco motor skills, object control skills and smooth transitions between sequential motor skills. Daily lessons include how to maintain a healthy body.

Middle School continues to focus on many of the elementary skills while bringing is the understating of life long sports. They advance their knowledge on dual and individual sports along with a focus on team sports. Daily lessons focus on sportsmanship, team work and how to handle the competitiveness of the athletic world. The middle grade students learn about advancement in the bodies cardiovascular system, preventing injury and coping with injury. The goal is to enjoy sport and physical activity and use that for a healthy life style.

St. Mary Physical Education continues to support fair play, sportsmanship, education and living a healthy life style.