The art program at St. Mary School incorporates a very hands-on approach to learning about art and its processes. Our students learn by creating their own works of art! The art elements and principles, and the history and cultures of art are sprinkled into the lessons as an introduction or during the process. Art skills and techniques are also introduced based on the levels of our students. Our art classes are enjoyable and fun, and perhaps a bit messy sometimes, but our students surprise and delight us every day with their talent and insight!

Band and Creative Music

K-3 Creative Music

What a fun and rewarding opportunity to learn all about music. In this exciting music class the student will gain knowledge of music notation, signs, symbols, terms, history, theory, composition, and composers.

Methods and techniques in vocal and instrumental music will also be included for that hands/voice-on experience.

Students in creative music will be exploring music through movement, listening, singing, hands on activities and instruments such as orff mallet and percussion instruments, boomwhackers and recorders in 3rd grade

Grades kindergarten-3rd meet once a week. Ensembles and choirs are created for recitals, children mass, and performances.

Band/ Grades 4 & 5
Middle School Grades 6-8

A fun and rewarding opportunity to learn to play, or continue to play a musical instrument. Instruments in the Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and String families are offered.

Students will learn techniques and methods in playing,reading music notation, understand musical signs, symbols and, terms. Students will also gain knowledge in music history, theory, and composition.

Levels of experience vary from the beginner to advanced.