BOOSTER BOARD: We are still looking for two secretaries to complete our slate of officers. Please help out by contacting Booster Board President Marcia Frelke, Treasurer Jean Nichols, or me.
ATHLETIC BOOSTER MEMBERSHIP: Parents, please show support for our students by becoming Booster members. We would love to increase membership. You will receive a nice new tee shirt in the bargain. We want you to share your new, creative, and exciting ideas to benefit all of our students. We need members to help out with our special events and home contests. The children love parent involvement! Please don’t leave it to the next person to help. Step up to the plate and become a Booster member. Please see Marcia Frelke, Jean Nichols, or me.

BOOSTER PROJECTS: Our Boosters have just completed their summer wish list. We added beautiful padded chairs for the athletes. See the pictures on the Booster Facebook page! We also added two very large ceiling fans that will help cool the players and the spectators. They might not be air conditioners, but they help make the gym more comfortable for all. The fans will help in the winter by circulating the warm air throughout the gym.

LUV2RUN: Yes, the Children’s Marathon, Family Fun Walk/Run, and our 5-K race is back! Bethann Morison has come forward to chair this great event. She will be looking for parents to work on committees and make it a great success. Bethann helps out with our Cross-Country team, so if you see her around, let her know how you would like to help. We are looking at December 10 as our kick-off to the Christmas holiday with our run. More information will be coming. Find your crazy Christmas outfit (even the Grinch can join in). Bring family and friends and let’s all have some fun. 

GOLF OUTING:  The Athletic Boosters have scheduled the Annual St. Mary Golf Classic for Saturday, March 11, 2017. We are returning to the beautiful Cape Fear National Golf course in Brunswick Forest. They have just added golf carts with new features…they even keep score! They just won’t put the ball in the cup for you. I know there are many golfers out there. When we call for a meeting, please come forward and see what you can do to help out. Everyone is welcome to help….you don’t have to be a golfer. We just need a few more volunteers to make this a great event for all.

FALL SPORTS: Our two Girls’ Volleyball teams are having a good season. Our young J.V. team is learning the skills of the game, and they will be ready for next year’s tough schedule. With two weeks left in the season, our Varsity team is striving for a top seed in the playoffs. Please look at the school Athletic calendar and come out to support our teams. Our Cross-Country team is about to start their season at Wilmington Christian. The team this year has 26 members and has trained very hard during these warm afternoons. That schedule is also on the Athletic calendar.