In the attached video, Michael Macias performed for a full assembly of the students at St. Mary School on Tuesday, December 16th. Michael faced the challenge of having his right eye removed December 17, 2014.

Michael was Born severely premature at 5 ½ months pregnant. Michael and his twin were both at 1 lb 5 1/2oz and 1 lb 6oz. Michael’s brother passed away just shy of being two weeks old. Michael was diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity at 3 months of age. At 4 months, Michael went blind. Michael faces many challenges to everyday life, to include a new eye disease diagnosed 3 years ago, Neuovascular Glaucoma in his right eye. Michael over comes many obstacles but he will never gain any sight or even know what the “sky” really looks like.

It was at two years of age; Michael was given a stand-up toy piano with five keys that also played five lullabies. Michael became enthused with this. In three days Michael was playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and soon moved to a keyboard. In two days, Michael was playing all five lullabies. He then moved to a real piano, which he has been playing ever since. Michael has never had a music lesson and plays all music by ear. Although he is an excellent Braille writer, reader and an “A” honor role student; which by the way is in all regular classes; Braille music has not been introduced to Michael as of yet. Michael can listen to a song and immediately start playing it. By the third time he has it perfected. Michael has since recorded and co-produced his own music cd which can be found on itunes and other music download sites. To date he has composed 24 of his original songs. He plays and/or practices on his own approximately 8-10 hours a week.

Michael is now almost 16 years old and in the 9th grade. He participates in varsity chorus, honors chorus and all county chorus. Michael plays many venues for charity as well as recently performed his own concert at Thalian Hall. all though piano is his musical instrument, Michael has taught himself how to play the guitar, accordion, harmonica, and a steel drum. Music is his life and sight!

To contribute to Michael’s medical expenses related to his eye surgery: