A reception was held at City Hall on September 1 to welcome the incoming international students and scholars at UNCW to the US and to Wilmington. Area restaurants donated the food for the event but desserts were contributed by community members. It is an annual event organized by Sister Cities and the official hosts are the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County and the UNCW Chancellor.

This year Juliana Tremaglio (SMS-Grade 5) baked chocolate chip cookies for the reception and served as a student ambassador greeting our guests on arrival.  Thinking about Father Bob’s homily of last weekend where he mentions the importance of each member of the community to be welcoming to those who are new arrivals, or largely invisible for any variety of reasons, her participation was a living example of how St. Mary students are learning to be engaged members of the larger community.   We are very proud that Juliana was able to both contribute her individual talents (she loves baking) and demonstrate her Christian values by being a good global citizen.  Juliana helped other volunteers getting everything ready and joined the international guests on a walking tour of the historic district following the official ceremonies and socializing.

We appreciate hearing about things your students do outside of the classroom. The attached pictures are some of the students holding Juliana’s toll house cookies. The students were from China, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, and So. Africa.