Dear St. Mary School Families,
It was wonderful seeing all of you during our orientation evenings. Life is now back in the hallways as your children have shared their enthusiasm for school with us the last couple of days. Mrs. Linn asks that you please return the Orientation Packet papers by Monday.

Now that students are all settled in, the full program will begin on Monday. Looking ahead to next week….

  • Hot lunch program begins. (Menu on website)
  • Specials begin on Monday.
  • Middle School Electives begin – Spanish(6th grade 1st quarter), Computer Graphics, Yearbook, and Health/Life Skills
  • After School Program begins on Monday.
  • Library will be closed for the next 2 weeks as materials are moved out and the shelves are reorganized.  Mrs. Parker will be working with Mr. Hogan in the library this year.
  • Our first school Mass will be next Friday at 8:30.
  • Full day PreK will begin on Monday.

Middle School students made their choices for electives today. The new students in middle school took the screening test for Math placement.

I am pleased to report that all of the teachers have been hired for this school year. Last week I introduced the new 3rd grade teacher who graduated from UNC-Charlotte and has 4 years experience teaching 3rd grade. Mrs. Amanda Baldwin will now join us on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, as her principal has been able to hire a replacement.  When Mrs. Baldwin joins us, Mrs. Aiken will begin the Title I Resource Program.

I have also hired Mrs. Erin Ebbing to teach one class of Math in the 6th grade. Mrs. Ebbing has earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University. She holds an Oregon Teaching License.

Mrs. Watts is busy assuming her new role as Assistant Principal. Some of her responsibilities are testing program, Religion Coordinator, Writing Coordinator, Opportunity Scholarships, Duke Talent Search, class scheduling, duty schedules.

Mrs. Daley reports that the next beautification project will be the sandy playground. The Boundary Oak will be receiving some special care this year.

Thank you for choosing St. Mary Catholic School!


Mrs. Joyce Price

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